Episode 17: Feminine Innovation

Cat & Nicole welcome powerhouse Laura Munkholm of Walla to the podcast. Walla is an upcoming yoga and fitness studio management software for virtual, livestream, and in-person studios that is bound to transform the landscape as we know it. We talk to Laura about what it’s like to be a female entrepreneur in the fit-tech … Read more

Episode 16: Lessons from a #bossmom

In today’s episode, we dive into what “mom strength” is all about. With a thriving studio of 10+ years and 3 kids under her belt, Maria from Hometown Sweat understands the importance of delegating and prioritizing when running her business. This episode is full of gems for anyone interested in taking back control of their … Read more

Episode 15: The Power of Your Story

You’ve probably heard that “storytelling” is a powerful marketing strategy, but what does that even mean? In this episode, Cat & Nicole chat about how to use a personal, compelling story in your messaging to build an emotional connection with your customers. This will help you build the ever-important “know, like and trust” factor so … Read more

Episode 14: E-mail is (not) Dead

Cat & Nicole welcome Barton from Brandbot and together they dive into the depths of the e-mail and texting world to understand why ignoring this aspect of your marketing strategy could be seriously detrimental to the success of your business. We talk about engagement, building community, and the secret to landing more sales. Listen on … Read more

Episode 12: Keeping the Resolutioners

January is an exciting time for fitness business owners AND customers. In this episode, Cat & Nicole discuss real, actionable strategies for leveraging the new year’s excitement and turning new customers into raving fans! Listen on Spotify Listen on Stitcher Listen on iTunes

Episode 11: Stepping Into Fearless Leadership

Most studio owners enter the industry because they’re deeply in love with their craft. Then, SURPRISE! Decision-making, staff-management, and leading a community during challenging times eclipse teaching classes altogether. In this episode, Cat & Nicole discuss standing in your power, taking back control of your business, and leading your community with confidence and grace. Listen … Read more

Episode 9: How We Do Self-Care

For the last episode of 2020, Cat & Nicole indulge in a fun conversation about their own self-care practices. With self-care being a top priority (rightfully so!) for business owners, we hope this episode will inspire you in your own practice! Happy holidays to all of our listeners and catch you in the new year … Read more

Episode 8: Studio Spotlight

In this episode, Cat & Nicole invite two studio owners onto the podcast to shed light on their experiences over the past 6 months. We dive into how they’ve evolved and adjusted to the challenges brought on by the pandemic. They reveal a few of their secrets that, despite their differences, bring to light one … Read more