Episode 9: How We Do Self-Care

For the last episode of 2020, Cat & Nicole indulge in a fun conversation about their own self-care practices. With self-care being a top priority (rightfully so!) for business owners, we hope this episode will inspire you in your own practice! Happy holidays to all of our listeners and catch you in the new year … Read more

Episode 8: Studio Spotlight

In this episode, Cat & Nicole invite two studio owners onto the podcast to shed light on their experiences over the past 6 months. We dive into how they’ve evolved and adjusted to the challenges brought on by the pandemic. They reveal a few of their secrets that, despite their differences, bring to light one … Read more

Episode 7: Prepping for the New Year

Preparing for the  “January Rush” or “Gymuary” is both exciting and daunting. 2021 will be no exception, except this year, we’re working with a few curveballs. In this episode, we break down strategies for planning and executing your new year’s plan with focus and grace. We talk about promotions, big-ticket sales, and how to keep … Read more

Episode 6: To Royalty or Not To Royalty

Keeping a studio running during a global pandemic whilst creating and managing a virtual business is by no means an easy feat! In addition, instructors are not necessarily aware of everything going on behind the scenes. As a studio owner, you must stay in control and bridge the disconnected perspective between yourself and your instructors. … Read more

Episode 5: Facing Pricing Panic

Most studio owners know that when capacity and volume decrease, prices need to increase — that doesn’t mean it isn’t terrifying! On today’s episode, Cat & Nicole demystify pricing changes, chat about how to communicate them to members, and share some practices to help soothe your soul when fear rears its ugly head. Listen on … Read more

Episode 4: How to keep your clients

How to keep your clients

Retention is a major struggle for many studio owners in NORMAL times. With most fitness businesses losing clients left and right, it’s easy to feel drained and defeated. On this episode, we cover how to effectively communicate with lapsed clients to re-engage your list and win your members back! Listen on Spotify Listen on Stitcher … Read more

Episode 1: Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk

Welcome to Studionomics! In this episode, we (Cat & Nicole) chat about our journeys to now. You’ll see ‘behind the curtain,’ and learn about how we got our start in the consulting industry, what we love about our jobs, and why we work so well together. Links: Listen on Spotify Listen on Stitcher Listen … Read more